I treasure truffles - and respect their complexity. I’ve experienced that pure joy of harvesting the fruit of nearly a decade’s worth of slow growth right on my land.  And felt the heartache when meticulous care is met with nature’s wrath. Like in life, my time as a truffle farmer has been filled with highs and lows - and it has taught me that some of the most memorable moments come when you stop to savor the in-between, the everyday. This mindset is the driver behind our handcrafted products made in the foothills of North Carolina. I wanted to bring simple little luxuries into your everyday.  

Hand churned Amish butter made from the milk of grass fed cows.  Unrefined and unprocessed sea salt harvested by hand from the Pacific coast.  Raw, natural honey from friends in Virginia.  Each blended by hand with real, fresh, earthy, aromatic Black Winter Périgord Truffles - and nothing else.  No flavorings, no chemical “essence”, no additives – EVER. Just real truffles in every ounce. If you truly know truffles, you won’t settle for anything less.  And you can feel good knowing that a portion of each sale is donated to provide the basics of safety and support to a child in need.